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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The beginning. . . .

If you don't know already, I write a blog titled Polyamory Paradigm where I tackle common poly related issues along with other musings from time to time. A result of that blog has been a fairly steady stream of emails asking for advice about particular poly related problems or general lifestyle/orientation questions.
I am also very involved in my local poly community, running a support group, marketing, helping grow the community, and providing input for other groups. This has also led to more than a few people asking for my help or advice on poly related topics.

Those inquires have finally led me here, to Ask Polyamory Paradigm, a question and answer forum for those needing help with their poly lifestyle/orientation, love life, family life, or any other poly related topic.

Send me an email and I'll answer you here, anonymously, where others can have the benefit of the answer as well as adding their input for discussion and contemplation.

Send questions to: PolyamoryParadigm@gmail.com

Ask away and help me build a resource for the larger poly community!!

Yours truly,
PolyamoryParadigm (PP)

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